Helping Alaskans Embrace Our Greatest Gift - Life!
Alaskans For Life - Our History

        In 1973 The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the privacy of a woman out weighed the right to life of the unborn child.  Thus they ruled that a woman could have an abortion at any time in the 9 months of her pregnancy for any reason without any regard to any one else's interests -- that of the unborn child, the father etc.  As soon as that ruling came down from the high court concerned citizens came together and asked what could be done to reverse that ruling and protect the unborn child from death at the whim of the mother. 

    At our first meeting it was decided to concentrate on educating the public.  Surely, when women became aware of the facts of fetal development and the horrors of abortion they would choose life for their baby.  After incorporating in 1974 in Juneau, Alaska Alaskans for Life, Inc. has worked to educate the public in every way possible--radio ads, newspaper ads, dioramas, sticker ads, booths, newspaper inserts, rallies, living billboards, public forums and interviews,--in fact, any way possible.

   As a strictly volunteer organization with no paid employees we continue our efforts today and welcome any suggestions and help available.

    Though abortion has not been eradicated from our society we hope our efforts have contributed to saving the lives of some children.  By educating the public we hope that more people are aware of the tragedy of abortion and the ramifications of it, such as the lack of parental consent and informed consent, the use of tax funds for abortion, the kinds of abortions some of which border on infanticide, as well as the expansion of the abortion mentality into assisted suicide and euthanasia.
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