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Get Involved: Let Your Elected Representatives Know How You Think!

Contact Your Representatives Who Make Federal Laws for You:

Alaska's Federal delegation has two U.S. Senators and one "at-large" member of the U.S. House of Representatives, who also represents the entire state.  

send an e-mail to United States Senator Dan Sullivan 

Send an e-mail to United States Senator Lisa Murkowski  

Send an e-mail to U.S. Congressman Don Young  

What if I don't know my Alaska Senate or House District?

- Look at your Alaska Voter ID card; near the bottom, it will say, "House," and beneath that will be a two digit number for the House District.  Just to the right of that, it will say, "Senate," and beneath that will be the letter corresponding to the Alaska Senate district you reside in. 

OR - find your Alaska House District and Alaska Senate District here!

Get Involved: Register to Vote!

The State of Alaska Division of Elections has an online application to get you started! 

Get Involved: Join Us!

Call (907) 789-9858 for meeting information,     
-OR-    e-mail us at:   
-OR-    write us at:     Alaskans For Life, Inc., P.O. Box 32186, Juneau, AK 99803-2186    

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