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            Alaskans for Life, Inc. has been participating in the Spring Community Health Fair since its inauguration.  This year, however, we were told that we offended their policies and there had been some complaints.  Interestingly, though we told them to look at our booth and anything offensive would be removed they would not tell us specifically what was the problem  and just refused us space.  We have used this display, highlighting babies with the caption "Babies need a safe environment from conception to birth", for approximately the last 5 years.  We must conclude that this decision by Health Fair officials was arbitrary and discriminatory.  Planned Parenthood's display booth was not offensive though they hand out condoms.   Alaskans for Life's members then picketed the Health Fair on March 17, 2018.


Recently a group of concerned people met to discuss the feasibility of opening a care center that would focus on all pregnant women who are in need of some kind of assistance.  It would be based on the "Earn while you learn" concept which would require women to take home certain study programs and once the home work was returned they would earn "money" to shop in the baby store which is stocked with everything a mother might need at very low prices.  This is based on a program established by CareNet/Heartbeat.  It would be a life affirming resource for all parents.  A loving accepting place where parents could come to learn and receive help.  They would not offer, recommend or refer for abortions or abortifacients.  Currently there are Pregnancy Care Centers in Wrangell and Sitka.

For more information or to become involved contact:
Jim Carter at:          (907) 254-6364  
             Becky Carter    at:            (907)  254-6366                         



By: Sidney Heidersdorf, President

The Pain Unborn Child Protection Act failed to earn the votes in the Senate necessary to end debate thereby effectively killing it.  The vote meant the bill would not be voted upon in the US Senate.  The U.S. House of Representatives had previously passed the bill and President Trump repeatedly said he would sign it when it reached his desk.

The bill would have banned abortion after 20 weeks gestation which is based on scientific evidence that babies in the womb have the capacity to feel pain at the 20 weeks mark.  It is estimated that there are 10,000 late term abortions annually in our country.  There are only 7 countries in the world which allow abortion after the 20 weeks including China and North Korea.  Polls consistently show a majority of U.S. citizens favor a late term abortion ban including many abortion supporters.

Democrats in the Senate have shown once again how radical they have become on abortion in opposing this legislation.  The grim reality is that they stand against a majority of Americans on this issue.  Locally, we have much to be concerned about because our own Sen. Lisa Murkowski voted with the Democrats in killing the bill.  No doubt we will hear Sen. Murkowski say she did not vote against the bill but only supported a procedural vote on whether or not to allow a vote in the Senate.  This is a sad political shenanigan.  We need to be concerned about the fate of a country that allows the abortion atrocity to continue. 


H.B. 54, the bill which would approve physician assisted suicide in Alaska, was held in the Alaska's House Judiciary Committee following its hearing on April 13th.  Since this is the second session of the Alaska State Legislature, this should guarantee that H.B. 54 dies in committee.


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